Thesis Statement (NSGD 4006)

“Overutilization of technology puts patients at risk.”

I chose this to be my thesis statement as it is a topic that can be highly debated. This is particularly true as we are practicing in a time where we are seeing a major influx of technological advances. The Information Age, as we know it, is defined as this modern era in which information is a product that is quickly and widely distributed, and easily accessible largely due to computer technology ( Recent advances in technology are rapidly changing the face of health care and nursing practice; the health care field is perhaps the place where the way and speed at which technology is changing the world is most evident (Huston, 2013).

However, this begs the question: can we function without technology?

Internet dependence has been quoted as an issue facing both nurses and students nurses, with students stating that it is becoming increasingly more difficult to fulfill learning requirements without the use of technology (Phildon, 2017). If it begins in nursing school, is it fair to say that this dependence will continue into nursing practice?

I am including the following video as I enjoyed the points raised regarding over-dependence on technology in health care.

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The Geeky Informant. (2016, July 30). Technology: A Situation of Over-dependence [Video File]. Retrieved from


3 thoughts on “Thesis Statement (NSGD 4006)

  1. Hello Myrissa
    I enjoy reading your blog. Great information within your blog about technology. Regarding your thesis statement, “Overutilization of technology puts patients at risk,” although I am not a pro on formulating a thesis statement, I use nursekillam five steps for writing a killer thesis statement. The thesis has to be relevant, debatable, clearstance, concise, and assertive. I believe your thesis is relevant as it is related to technology, which is what informatics is all about. Your topic is debatable, clearstance, concise, but I think it could be more assertive. For example, using words such as ruin, destroy, and jeopardize. For example
    “Overutilization of technology has a determinantal effect on patient care.”

    Thanks for sharing
    Lacey Ann


    1. Thanks for reading Lacey Ann. I agree with you in that I could utilize better language in order to make my thesis statement more assertive. I will definitely take your suggestion into account.


  2. Myrissa: I’m glad that you chose to discuss arriving at your thesis statement. I struggle with the process and have come to wonder if I “over-think” it. As I mentioned in the live session, I have found that starting with a topic or situation that I am familiar with, and interested in, facilitates the development of a thesis for me.

    You write that “information is a product that is quickly and widely distributed”, and I concur. I would add that information is also “consumed” at an insatiable rate. I worry about the effect this may have on our ability to relax and “tune-out” the world.



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